Farewell to Steve Barnes and Family

On behalf of the entire Rupertswood Cricket Club,I would like to extend our best wishes to Steve Barnes,his wife Cindy,daughter Jasmine and son Sam with their relocation to Brisbane in the coming days.A contingent of current players and members gathered last night at the Olive Tree Hotel to farewell Steve and his son Sam in particular and acknowledge their contribution to our club over the past few years.Steve was presented with a commemorative plaque in recognition of his tremendous contribution as a Junior Coach,Senior Player and Captain,Committee Member and Mentor to the Rupertswood Cricket Club from 2006-2012.Whilst we will miss them all greatly and what they have brought to our club,we certainly hope the move is an enjoyable and positive one for them all.Steve maintains that there will be regular visits to Melbourne so we look forward to them dropping in at Rupo to catch up accordingly.