Inaugural old guys vs. young guys Twenty20

At risk of repeating the Australia vs Australia A debacle the sides have been named for the Twenty20 game to be held on the 20/12 starting at 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome to head down to the club for refreshments and a BBQ. A reminder that the first ever ‘Club photo’ will also be on Thursday night. Make sure you get your head in it as it could be on display for decades to come. You don’t want to miss out!!!

Old guys

Mark Ryan, Warren Hall, Julian Kearney, Nick Withers, Mick Lamb Lachlan McLean, Jimmy Natsis +, John Lane (c), Josh Powell, Matty Edwards, Brendan Buckley, Steve Dale


Young Guys

David McDonald, Nathan Shoesmith, Jake Johnson, Jayden Swallow (C) +, Daniel Kavanagh, Sam Hogan, Nathan Powell, Jack Hudd, Paul McGarry, Brady Penticoss, Keegan Guy, Jayden Egan

Each side to nominate a bowler and batsmen. Should be fun!!!