Brendan Buckley Returns

After a stint away from the game, Hall of Famer, son of a great scorer and possibly the third or fourth best Buckley, Brendan Buckley makes a return to Rupertswood today in a ploy to qualify for upcoming finals. Brendan took two years away from the game to focus on his family and further career. Instead, Brendan spent a majority of his time in the gym, now sized up and ready to go big with the bat. Brendan is renowned for his effort bowling in the nets when the sun is setting, his signature shot, the ‘6 iron’ over mid-wicket and his desire to bowl first on most occasions. Today Brendan takes on Ashfield at Ashfield under captain Daniel Kavanagh. One can only wonder how long it will take for Brendan to take Daniel under his arm and set a field over the top of him.

Great to have you back Bucko. Stay angry and go and get them!