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President’s Report 2019-20

Please see Rupertswood Cricket Club President Peter Kavanagh’s report for the 2019-20 season at the link below

Presidents Report 2019-20

President’s Report 2015-16

Please see Rupertswood Cricket Club President Peter Kavanagh’s report for the 2015-16 season at the link below


President’s Report 2014-15 + AGM Minutes

Please see Rupertswood Cricket Club President Peter Kavanagh’s report for the 2014-15 season at the link below. In addition at the end of Peter’s report, you can also see the minutes of our 2015 Annual General Meeting

RupoCC-2014-15_Presidents_Report and AGM_minutes

President’s Report 2013-14 + AGM Minutes + Finance Report

Please see Rupertswood Cricket Club President Mick Riley’s report for the 2013-14 season at the link below. In addition at the end of Mick’s report, you can also see the minutes of our 2014 Annual General Meeting as well as Finance Report.

RupoCC 2013-14 AGM_minutes_Presidents Report_Finance Report

President’s Report 2012-13 + AGM Minutes + Finance Report

Please see Rupertswood Cricket Club President Mick Riley’s report for the 2012-13 season at the link below. In addition at the end of Mick’s report, you can also see the minutes of our 2013 Annual General Meeting as well as Finance Report.

President’s Report 2012-13 + AGM minutes + Finance Report 

Welcome to GDCA Season 2013/14

As we enter into a new cricket season full of anticipation and excitement for our great club, I wish to extend my best wishes to all players, members, parents and supporters within the Rupertswood Cricket family (new and existing) and hope that the season brings you success but more importantly great enjoyment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors for their tremendous support, in particular, Index Painting & Decorating for a third successive year as our major sponsor and we welcome new Gold Sponsor, Vic’s Cucina & Bar together with new Cap Sponsor, Green Gables Plumbing Pty Ltd.

Our practice nets have recently been rewired and extended nearest the car park side for safety measures plus a new pitch surface installed on the Soccer Oval (affectionately referred to as the ‘Mecca’), hence our continued emphasis on providing the best facilities we can for our club as a whole.

Much of this has been made possible via the generous support of the Sunbury Helping Hands/Bendigo Bank Community Grants initiative for which we are most appreciative.

Our website continues to evolve and I encourage everyone to visit the site for updates on events and information throughout the season which has links to My Cricket together with other items of interest.

As always, in which ever way we participate in this great game, let us all ensure we do so in the true spirit of cricket with respect for everyone involved.

Looking forward to a great season.

Go Rupo!


2012 Message from the Rupertswood Cricket Club President – Michael Riley

5 October 2012

Season 2012/13 begins!

On behalf of the RCC Committee, welcome everyone – current members and new members alike to the start of the 2012/13 GDCA season.

I firmly believe we are even more well equipped to build on the many positives that were gained last season and again meet the challenges that lay before us head on.

With the end of football season, training numbers are steadily increasing and from my observations particularly in the last couple of weeks there has been a real buzz and sense of excitement as the commencement of the season proper draws closer.

We may be predominantly a very youthful playing squad but you cannot quell enthusiasm and an eagerness to compete which I believe we have in spades in our club and that will stand us in good stead both now and in the future.

Our newly appointed Senior Coach and Captain of our McIntyre XI, John Lane has certainly led the way with our senior group putting together a well structured training regime covering all aspects of the game with a strong emphasis on fielding drills.

This is an area across the board upon review of last season (both senior and junior) that warranted a great deal of focus and I am certain the hard work being done in this area by all players and coaches will reap the benefits moving forward.

John has been again ably assisted by our Vice President and Chairman of Selectors, Mark Williams in season preparations and they have built a great team of people around them to share the load in providing well co-ordinated training sessions and support.

People such as Brett Hudd, Julian Kearney and Craig Fitzgerald have already had a great impact and the responsibility is being shared amongst the group and will continue to do so in working hard to be the best we can be.

I know this is happening at junior level also through the co-ordinating efforts of Peter Kavanagh and am confident that momentum will continue to build throughout the season.

Notably, we have our Junior Season Launch next Thursday evening at the clubrooms which will also give an opportunity for both senior and junior members to interact.

Details of this are on our new website which has been magnificently constructed by our Communications Manager, Gavin Clifford together with assistance from the ever reliable Life Member and Treasurer, Trevor Harris.

Gavin will perform an overview for club members, parents and supporters alike at the launch noting that this will become our main source of information covering all aspects of our great club.

It has been very exciting watching this come together and how it will improve our communication across the board with some great initiatives such as RupoCam to be added.

Many of you may have noticed some of the works happening at our grounds with a new pitch being installed at the Pine Oval and cosmetic works to the Main Oval.

New carpets will be laid on the new Pine Oval pitch plus fourth practice net next week with some patch up work to be carried out on the Main Oval and Rupo no 3 pitches also.

Our MILO in2CRICKET season will also be under way before long with senior player James Natsis being the co-ordinator so stay tune for more details shortly.

A list of club contacts is detailed on the website for your reference and we welcome any queries, feedback or input you may have.

Whether participating on the field or supporting from the sidelines, all of us must keep in mind our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics as detailed on our website and displayed in the clubrooms.

Good luck to all teams as we look forward to an enjoyable, fun-filled and exciting cricket season ahead, as all of us strive to make the Rupertswood Cricket Club the best it can be.

Thank you

Mick Riley


Message from the Rupertswood Cricket Club President – Michael Riley


Wrap-up of Rupertswood Cricket Club Season 2011/12

Given the season has now drawn  to a close, and further to our Senior and Junior Presentation Functions last weekend, on behalf of our committee I want to again thank everyone involved in our great club for their contribution and support for the season past.

As I conveyed in my opening message on the club website prior to the beginning of the season, I believed there were going to be challenges but with that, great opportunities to further develop our club to be the best it can be. We still have a lot of work to do in continuing to improve our club but we are blessed with many great people who have the best interests of the club at heart and share the core values expressed in our mission statement. With this in mind, the club will continue to grow and prosper.

I expressed at both our Senior and Junior Presentations the great excitement we have as a club with the wealth of young talent developing within our ranks. This combined with what I also believe to be a formidable group of senior players also present at the club will hold us in good stead to make an indelible mark on the competition in the years to come.

Well done to all teams, players, coaches, parents and supporters on their efforts. Congratulations to both our U/16 teams in reaching the grand final and for the way in which you all displayed the Rupertswood spirit, and of course to Rupertswood U/16 Blue who are GDCA Premiers for season 2011/12.

All award recipients, both Senior and Junior, are to be congratulated but special mention to our new Life member, Luke Reddan whose enormous contribution to our club over many years was officially recognized together with Mark Williams, current Vice President voted Best Club Person of the Year. A big thankyou also to our specialist coach and English import, Tristram Douglas for his overall contribution to our club throughout the season. Tristram heads home to the U.K in mid April . Whatever happens, he will always be a welcome member at our club.

A big thank-you to Salesian College for the continued use of the facilities for which we should all be grateful and never take for granted.

Finally,to everyone stay safe and happy during the year and we look forward to an exciting 2012/13 forthcoming season. Our revamped website should be operational prior to the end of June and this will be an area of focus to share information across the board going forward.

Best Regards,
Mick Riley
Rupertswood Cricket Club

To see Mick’s 2011-12 Season Report please click the following link:

President’s Report 2011-12 SEASON