Sunbury Helping Hand help Rupo!

McIntyre Captain John Lane & “B” Grade Captain Mark Arthurson at the newly laid “grass” on two of our training nets which was made possible by a Community Grant from Sunbury’s Helping Hand.

A big thank-you goes out from the Rupertswood Cricket Club community to “Sunbury’s Helping Hand” for providing us with a grant to acquire two new pitches for our nets. This has already made a great difference to our training sessions and will see us off to a great start for the 2012/13 season.

Please lend a hand to Sunbury’s Helping Hand so that they can continue their great work in supporting Sunbury’s Community Projects. You can do this by the following:

How can you pledge support?

It’s easy!
For Existing Account Holders
Next time you are in the Sunbury Branch of the Bendigo Bank ask to have your account flagged to Sunbury’s Helping Hand. This will not cost you anything.
For Non Bendigo Bank Account holders Please consider opening an account with Bendigo Bank in Sunbury and have your account flagged to Sunbury’s Helping Hand. This will not cost you anything. You will be surprised how quickly the funds add up!

What a great way to help the Sunbury community and it doesn’t cost you anything!

For more information about Sunbury’s Helping Hand and how you can help, please visit:

Farewell to Fr Peter Monaghan

Given Fr Peter Monaghan is leaving Salesian College at the end of the year we have arranged for a farewell function to be held at the clubrooms on Friday the 18th of November from 7.00pm.

This is intended not just as a farewell but as an expression of thanks to Peter for his magnificent contribution over a long period of time.(Note,he will be coming back for our President XI vs Rector’s XI in February next year).We will be spreading the news to all the sporting clubs that represent Rupertswood for anyone involved that would like to attend.This will be a very casual night with a free barbecue(sausage sizzle)and drinks at bar prices.

Hopefully as many can attend as possible understanding this is a difficult time of year leading into Christmas etc.