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RT @RupoFNC: Hi, everyone. after a bit of a hiatus, we're back!! Go Rupo!!2 weeks ago
Special guest on Sunday guess who??? He was a Tim Watson medalist months ago
Our 2nds and 3rds in finals this weekend, Home for both main ground and next door on the pines. Get there Saturday… months ago
AFL supercoach Draft for the cricket club running this season, code 181213 get on for a draft comp boys, some good… months ago
Tomorrow and next week cancelled for cricket due to covid but all is not lost. Daniel Kavanagh is still the EDFL Ti… months ago
Good turnout season is on. months ago
Great day for the club as a start to the season with Father John from Salesian. months ago
Training last night, healthy 6 teams plus this year. Every team and every player deserves the opportunity and time… months ago
What a start all. New players and 6 teams to start the season. months ago
Rupertswood Cricket Club are looking for expressions of interest in a kitchen manager to run Thursday and Saturday… months ago